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Mark Rosenthal will be giving a presentation that shows that quality tools are not sufficient to create improvement without an understanding of the meta-patterns of interaction that lead to innovation. Please join us for a great learning opportunity Thursday evening.

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Contact: Fred Cramer

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The Meta-Patterns of Innovation

Regardless of the methods and tools that are deployed, diverse organizations show common underlying patterns in the way they approach quality, continuous improvement, and creative challenges. 

Those patterns seem to have more to do with the way the people interact with one another than the specific tools used to structure their work. The structure of the work and the workplace, in turn, shape those critical interactions.

This talk proposes that, to be successful, application of the quality and continuous improvement tools must carry an underlying intent of establishing these meta-patterns of interaction vs. simply installing the tools themselves.

Mark Rosenthal
Novayama LLC

Mark Rosenthal has been learning on the front lines of Lean implementation, quality improvement, and leader development in manufacturing, engineering design, service sector, and health care for 30 years. 

His experience includes working on lean and quality systems implementation in companies such as Boeing and Boeing suppliers, Genie Industries, Eastman Kodak, and Terex at sites throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. His baseline background and training experience was with Toyota-trained teachers in the USA and Japan.

Since becoming a full-time independent consultant in 2011 he has worked with a wide spectrum of organizations ranging from strategic projects for major global corporations, coaching and training small and medium sized businesses down to coaching the owner of a small single-site retail business.

He has a Bachelors from Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY.  Following school he spent 11 years as a Commissioned Officer in the US Army, managing heavy equipment maintenance and logistics operations, in Korea, the US, and Germany (as well as questionable activities such as jumping out of perfectly serviceable aircraft in flight) before joining the private sector. 

Mark is also a well-known blogger in the Lean industry with his “The Lean Thinker” website.

Date: Thursday September 12, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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